Savio is live!

GreenBook is thrilled to announce that the beta phase of Savio has begun!

Now is the time to create your account and start having a look around. With any Savio account, you have the ability to find market research experts or offer your services as an expert.

If you are a market research supplier, create your account and start filling out your profile. You can create an individual account, a company account, or both. When you’re happy with it, check the box that says “apply to become an expert.” Please be patient, because during the beta phase will be slowly and methodically approving experts in order to manage supply to rise along with demand.

If you are a market research buyer, create your account as an individual, a company, or both. Use our filters to look through the supply of approved experts. Then choose a project to post and contact suppliers that are a possible fit.

We have anticipated some of your possible questions and answered them in our Savio Help Center. If you can’t find an answer, feel free to submit a new question.

Enjoy getting to know Savio, and please share feedback and questions by sending a message in the Savio Help Center.